International students are warmly welcome at the DHBW Villingen-Schwenningen. Erasmus and exchange students can either participate in the International Semester with lectures in English, or attend the study programme in German. Programmes are specially tailored to meet the needs of international students. It is also possible to complete work placement phases in a training company or institution. Please contact our International Office if you have any questions.

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Nominations must be submitted by the coordinator.
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Academic Calendar 2023/2024


Spring Semester

Fall Semester

Semester Starts
(including orientation)
4 March 2024

4 September 2023
Semester Ends
(including exams)
28 June 2024 22 December 2023
Nomination Deadline 30 September 2023 30 March 2023
Application Deadline 30 October 2023 30 April 2023


All exchange students must be nominated by their home university on or before the nomination deadline. Please contact the coordinator at the International Office of your university. Applications will not be accepted without the submission of a completed nomination form.

How to apply?
After being nominated by the home university, the International Office of DHBW VS will contact the nominated students and provide the application form, which must be completed and returned by the application deadline. Please, stick to deadlines!

Application Documents

  • Application Form
  • Transcript of Records (Grades) to date
  • Scanned Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Health Insurance
  • Official Proof of English Competency

International Office
+49 7720-3906-111



Exchange students can choose from a variety of courses taught in English within the International Semester Programme. Depending on their language proficiency and academic background, exchange students are welcome to study in German in various departments.

Language requirements:
An English test and personal student consultation is carried out at the beginning of the semester to avoid problems when selecting a course.

Required level of English:

Other English language certifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you wish to study in German, a B2 level of German is required.

ECTS and Local Grades


Local Grading System   ECTS Grades





Very Good














F: Considerable further work is required
FX: Some more work is required before the credit can be awarded

The number of credits students receive depends on the assessment, the contact hours of each class and the amount of workload students have to invest. At the end of each study period, students will be provided with a transcript of records, stating all information of the kind of lecture, grades and number of ECTS.

Studies In German

Students from partner universities can also complete semesters in German at the DHBW VS. The prerequisite for this is a level of knowledge of German equivalent to at least B2. Learning agreements for this purpose must be concluded in compliance with courses on offer in the respective study programme. An overview of all study programmes in the Business School and School of Social Work can be consulted here.

You can find below the links to the module overviews for the following programmes:
International Business (German and English)
Management in Industry (German)
Social Work (German)




European Emergency Number

This campaign aims to raise awareness amongst European and international students of the European emergency number 112, which is available everywhere in the European Union (EU), free of charge, 24/7 for the police, the emergency medical services or the fire brigade. The majority of European citizens are not aware that they can dial 112 in case of an emergency anywhere in the EU. The Erasmus agencies can play an important role in raising awareness due to their close connection with the students and education institutions. For further information please visit

Course Offer Spring 2023

Module Descriptions

Each module is worth 5 ECTS, except language courses

Modules Language of Instruction Required
language level
Academic Writing, Presentation and Communication Skills English B2 5
Business Culture in Germany and Europe English B2 5
Current Topics: Sustainability and Environment, New Technologies & Trends, Culture & Society, Cultural Awareness, CSR English B2 5
Strategic Management:
International Strategy and Game Theory
English B2 5
International Topics of Social Work
(Lecture Series)
English B2 5
Production Management & Logistics English B2 5
Business Leadership English B2 5
Human Resource Management, Organization and Project Management English B2 5
Intercultural Management II: *
International Organizational Behavior
Intercultural Competence
English B2 5
Management and Ethics: *        Intercultural Management in Selected Operational Areas, Business Ethics English B2 5
Macroeconomics:*                         Principles of Macroeconomics, Money & Banking English B2 5
Additional Modules in German
Language of Instruction Level ECTS
Business Management & Organization / Management, Organisation und Kommunikation in Unternehmen German B1 5
Production Management & Logistics / Produktionswirtschaft und Logistik German B1 5
Language Courses
Language of Instruction Level ECTS
German Language (basic) German A1-A2 3
German Language (advanced) German B1-B2 3
Business English * English B1/B2 2

* Subject to timetable restrictions
This list is updated on a regular basis. All courses are subject to change.


"Sarah Brucker"

Sarah Brucker

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Angela di Siro