International students are warmly welcome at the DHBW Villingen-Schwenningen. They can either participate in regular lectures in German or in the International Semester where English is the language of tuition. Programmes are specially tailored to meet the needs of international student. Moreover, we also organise a two-week Summer School which offers a varied academic and cultural programme. It is also possible to complete work placement phases in a training company or institution. Please contact our International Office if you have any questions.

Awareness Campaign - European Emergency Number 112

The campaign aims to raise awareness amongst European and international students of the European emergency number 112, which is available everywhere in the European Union (EU), free of charge, 24/7 for the police, the emergency medical services or the fire brigade. The majority of European citizens are not aware that they can dial 112 in case of an emergency anywhere in the EU. The Erasmus agencies can play an important role in raising awareness due to their close connection with the students and education institutions. For further information please visit

Academic Calendar 2020 / 2021


Fall Semester (online) Spring Semester (online)

Semester Starts

October 2020

Semester Starts


Semester Ends (including Exams) December 2020 Semester Ends (including Exams) t.b.a.

Application Deadline

September 30 for the Fall Semester
t.b.a. for the Spring Semester

ECTS & Local Grades


Local Grading System   ECTS Grades





Very Good














F: Considerable further work is required
FX: Some more work is required before the credit can be awarded

International Semester

The International Semester at the DHBW VS is held twice yearly from the end of March to June and the end of September to December.
The programme is designed for students from our partner universities, and these can choose from numerous lectures, courses and seminars conducted in English. Students gain an initial insight into German culture and student life on the campus in an introductory week, and the official semester then begins were students attend the courses for which they have registered.  We offer a large selection of diverse courses, including German classes, lectures on intercultural competences, marketing management and other businesses lectures. You can find our courses here. As an International Semester student, you can also take part in a varied one-week cultural programme. This includes visits to companies and trips in the surrounding region to the Black Forest, Lake Constance and other destinations well worth a visit.

Studies In German

Students from partner universities can also complete semesters in German at the DHBW VS. The prerequisite for this is a level of knowledge of German equivalent to at least B2. The command of the language is assessed by us in interviews. Learning agreements for this purpose must be concluded in compliance with courses on offer in the respective study programme. An overview of all study programmes in the Business School and School of Social Work can be consulted here. You can find a module overview here for the International Business study programme. You can find a module overview here for the Management in Industry study programme. Please consult our website if you are interested in another study programme, including in the School of Social Work.


The prerequisite for a course of studies with us is the submission of your learning agreement which has been signed by your university. In addition, you should have at least a B2 German level and B1 English level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. An English test and personal student consultation is carried out at the DH at the beginning of the semester to avoid problems when selecting a course.


If you wish to participate in our International Semester, please fill out the application form provided for this purpose.

Application deadlines can be found on our academic calendar. Please enter the courses you wish to attend and, also, your English level.

Please send the completed form to Ms Angela Brusis, International Office.

Online Course Offer: German Language and Culture

International Semester Online – a new experience / new prospects

Due to the Covid19 pandemic we will not run a regular International Semester with face-to-face lectures in Fall 2020.
Instead, students from partner universities are welcome to attend online courses to prepare for a study exchange in Germany in 2021 or to advance their German language and culture skills.

  • Experience online courses and advance knowledge of German language and culture.
  • Prepare for a semester in Germany or simply enrich your studies with international elements.
  • Meet students from all over the world in a virtual classroom.
  • Receive a Certificate of attendance
  • Enroll in one or more courses according to your requirements.
  • No tuition fee for students from partner universities

Online Course Offer Fall 2020

Online Course Offer Fall Semester: October – December 2020

hrs Language of instruction Required
language level
based on workload
German as a Foreign Language 40 German Basic 5 Faedda
German as a Foreign Language 40 German Intermediate 5 Faedda/Seidens
German as a Foreign Language 40 German Advanced 5 Seidens
Business Culture in Germany A 10 English B1 1 Leitner
Business Culture in Germany B 10 English B1 1 Leitner
Business Culture in Germany C 10 English B1 1 Leitner
Intercultural Communication A 10 English B1 1 Dudley
Intercultural Communication B 10 English B1 1 Dudley
Intercultural Communication C 10 English B1 1 Dudley

(Test your German level here.)

We will not award ECTS credits. Students will not be enrolled at our university. Students may contact their International Office for credit recognition at their home university. The number of ECTS credits is based on the workload of the course.
Courses are subject to change.

Courses and Workshops

German language (40 units per 45 minutes)

Learn German from scratch or advance your existing German skills. We offer different levels according to your knowledge – basic, intermediate, advanced.

  • Workload: corresponds to 5 ECTS (at home universities discretion)
  • Certification: Certificate of Attendance including language level and grade
  • Date and time: Classes will be held after periods at home university. Session will meet once or twice a week for 90 minutes from October until December 2020.

Business Culture in Germany, Working effectively with Germans (10 units per 45 minutes)

Being aware of culture is key to developing successful business strategies and valuable business relationships. Germany has a distinct business culture which underpins the way things are done in a work-related environment and which needs to be understood in order to ensure effective collaboration. More

  • Workload: corresponds 1 ECTS (at home universities discretion)
  • Certification: Certificate of Attendance
  • Date and time: The course comprises 3 online sessions with 3-4 units (45 min) in November 2020.

Intercultural Communication (10 units per 45 minutes)

Acquire skills in identifying and working with situations that require cultural competence. Diverse communication situations will be practiced via situations, readings and discussion thereby allowing students to develop intercultural awareness while expressing their views in English within multicultural groups. More

  • Workload: corresponds to 1 ECTS (at home universities discretion)
  • Certification: Certificate of Attendance
  • Date and time: The course comprises 3 online sessions with 3-4 units (45 min) in October and November 2020.

Course Dates


Business Culture A (fridays, 17:00) November 13th, 2020 November 20th, 2020 December 4th, 2020
Business Culture B (saturdays, 14:00) November 14th, 2020 November 28th, 2020 December 5th, 2020
Business Culture C (saturdays, 14:00) January 23rd, 2021 January 30th, 2021 February 6th, 2021
Intercultural Communication A (wednesdays, 17:00) October 14th, 2020 October 21st, 2020 November 4th, 2020
Intercultural Communication B (tuesdays, 17:00) November 10th, 2020 November 17th, 2020 November 24th, 2020
Intercultural Communication C (tuesdsays, 17:00) December 8th, 2020 December 15th, 2020 December 22nd, 2020

Course Offer Spring 2020


Mandatory Courses ECTS Level

Academic Writing



Workshop Cultural Awareness and Team Building



Management Seminar: Selected Business and Economics Topics in Theory and Practice

  1. Issues of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  2. Finance Theory
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Globalization and International Trade
  5. Marketing Communication
  6. Further topics and excursions




Electives Business (please select either A or B or C-courses in order to avoid overlaps)


A: Strategic Management II



B: International Organizational Behaviour



B: Introduction to Research Methods II



C: Human Resource Management



C: International Operations Management



C: Intercultural Management in Selected Operational Areas



C: Economics - Money and Banking



D: International Project Management



A: Business/Small and medium-sized companies,
B: International Business (Sem 2),
C: International Business (Sem 4),
D: Technical Management (Sem 4)




Electives: Languages
ECTS Level

Business English*



Business French*



Business Spanish*



*Subject to timetable restrictions
Update: February 2020
This list is updated on a regular basis. All courses are subject to change.

Study options in German

Academic Semester

Application Form For Internatonal Applicants

Please fill out the following form in order to apply for an academic semester at the DHBW Villingen-Schwenningen:


Studium und Leben
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