Education Support Center

Education Support Center

We place a major emphasis on innovative learning

The DHBW VS promotes the implementation of new teaching and learning methods to a significant degree through this central institute.

As an executive department of the President’s office, it is responsible for important tasks relating to the provision of advice to lecturers and the orientation of teaching. Of particular importance is the practical educational integration of new media to support teaching. The continuous development and testing of innovative teaching and learning concepts are therefore central components of the tasks entrusted to ESC.


The Education Support Center (ESC) is a central department of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Villingen-Schwenningen and views itself as a service provider for both teaching staff and students at the DHBW VS. ESC encompasses a range of multifaceted activities: ESC ...

  • ... promotes the implementation of new teaching and learning methods at the DHBW VS,
  • ... provides advice on blended learning and purely e-learning projects in the areas of teaching, use of media, media production, technology and project management,
  • ... qualifies through user-oriented workshops for the practical educational application of new media in higher education, taking local infrastructure into consideration,
  • ... supervises and provides the moodle learning platform and help authoring tools,
  • ... supports the organisation of courses on the learning platform (moodle),
  • ... is available to address questions, requests and support relating to the learning platform (moodle),
  • ... provides information on the media infrastructure and
  • ... provides an ePortfolio server and survey server

The moodle learning platform offers a variety of functions which enable students to communicate and work together with their fellow students in a simple and effective manner. Communication and collaboration tools such as forums, wikis, chats, messages, exercises, flashcards, quizzes, surveys, file exchange and many more assist learning and the online support of tasks.

Learning Center

The Learning Center is a specially equipped teaching and learning room located in Building D in Room 008 - directly opposite the office of the ESC team. The advantage of this is that ESC personnel can provide rapid and straightforward support if required. With 12 fully equipped notebook workstations and four island desk groups, it primarily facilitates group and project work for up to 20 students. It can, of course, also be used at any time as a retreat option for students who wish to work and learn together. The room can be reserved and its current allocation viewed on the learning platform following login at the following link: Room reservation and allocation