General Academic Advisory Service

Consultation for Prospective Students

We will be more than happy to arrange a personal orientation interview if you are still unsure whether studies are the right choice for you or you cannot decide which study programme to choose.
We can help you to discover your abilities, interests and strengths in this respect and support you as you make your decision.

Your concerns and questions relating to a personal consultation interview may include the following:
  • Are university studies really the right choice for me?
  • Are my performance and abilities adequate for a particular study programme, or should I prepare myself in a specific manner?
  • What is the right study programme for me?
  • What exactly is involved in a study programme?
  • Which university suits me and my intentions?
  • What do studies cost?
  • etc. ...

Useful links for applicants

Technical advice on study programmes

You can contact the respective Head of Department directly if you have specific questions relating to one of our study programmes. Questions concerning specialisation options or recognition of previous studies or qualifications (e.g. when changing subjects) can be discussed with the respective department.

An overview of our study programmes is available at the following link: Study programmes. Contact details for the respective department can be found at the desired study programme.

Information on studying with a child

Our Family Officer will be glad to provide helpful information if you have any specific questions on studying with a child (e.g. regarding day-care facilities, child minders or other services).

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Angela Brusis