The Student Council (StuV) is a legal university body for students entrusted with numerous interesting tasks. One area encompasses academic/professional and social issues affecting students. This includes active involvement in other bodies such as the University Council, the Academic Senate, the commission for tuition fees and the Appointments Committee for Professors.

Contact and regular discussions with the administration, Student Union, the general committee of students (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss – AStA), the public and other universities are also tasks undertaken by the StuV. Wherever there’s a problem, we’re there to take care of things. Moreover, the StuV is also entrusted by legislators with the task of taking care of all cultural, musical and sports matters for students. In this respect, it organises DH-Sport and events such as dance courses, sports tournaments, outings and excursions, podium discussions and campus evenings, cooking and creativity competitions and takes care of DH parties and much, much more. The StuV is also the right contact for questions relating to studies or if prospective students wish to "get a feel" for the university. The StuV is not a political platform, but rather endeavours to effect change on behalf of all students so as to contribute to the motto “More than Studying”. The StuV needs both support and “new blood” to achieve this goal and tackle all these tasks! Students have the chance to become involved in the StuV from their second term (semester), and this option is open to all students, regardless of whether they are course spokespersons or not. Those interested can visit the StuV office at any time during office hours.


Building B
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 32
First floor

Postal address
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 30
78054 Villingen-Schwenningen

Phone +49 7720 3906-121

We meet every Tuesday from 18:30.
Feel free to join us or to come around.
You can also get in touch with us at any time by phone or email.

Members of the Student Council


Jasmin Hollerbach

Kommissarische stellv. Studierendensprecherinnen Jasmin Aboudhaq
Judit Niubó Edele
Bereichssprecher Sozialwesen

Jasmin Hollerbach

Stellv. Bereichssprecher/-innen Sozialwesen

Ute Freudemann
Jana Weber
Nils Frederik Braun
Jasmin Aboudhaq
Judit Niubó Edeler
Karo Pietrzykowska

Bereichssprecher Wirtschaft Maximilian Heck
Stellv. Bereichssprecher/-innen Wirtschaft

Daniel Hipp
Justin Michael
Matthias Müller
Julia Sieber
Ariane Sulzbeck

Örtlicher Hochschulrat Souhayb Ettahiri
Ariane Sulzbeck  
Stellv. Örtlicher Hochschulrat

Ute Freudemann
Julia Sieber

Örtlicher Senat Souhayb Ettahiri
Maximilian Heck
Stellv. Örtlicher Senat

Jasmin Hollerbach
Ariane Sulzbeck

Finanzreferentin Jana Weber
Stellv. Finanzreferentin Jennifer Konopka
Qualitätssicherung N.N.
Stellv. Qualitätssicherung N.N.
Vertreterversammlung Studierendenwerk Freiburg Jasmin Aboudhaq
Stellv. Vertreterversammlung Studierendenwerk Freiburg N.N.
Sportreferat Daniel Hipp
Stellv. Sportreferat N.N.
Referat für Prozessgestaltung N.N.
Stellv. Referat für Prozessgestaltung N.N.
Referat für Kommunikation Jasmin Aboudhaq
Stellv. Referat für Kommunikation N.N.
Veranstaltungsreferat Karo Pietrzykowska
Stellv. Veranstaltungsreferat N.N.
IT Referat Matthias Müller
Stellv. IT Referat Justin Michael
Gleichstellungsbeauftragter N.N.
Stellv. Gleichstellungsbeauftragter N.N.
Studierendenparlament Souhayb Ettahiri
Jasmin Aboudhaq
Judit Niubó Edeler
Stellv. Studierendenparlament Karo Pietrzykowska