Work Exchange Study Program (WESP)

The Work-Integrated Study Concept

The key feature of cooperative (work-integrated) education is the unique combination of theory and practice. The university‘s curriculum combines higher education and on-the-job training at numerous partner companies, aiming to provide both academic skills and work-related expertise. In that regard, the academic content conveyed in the classroom is complemented with workplace experience, so that real-life situations immediately test the effectiveness of classroom theory and vice versa. With this concept, DHBW provides a route to sought-after academic qualifications while enabling students to gain extensive practical experience.

How can we cooperate and benefit from one another?

As internationalization is one of the main pillars for our successful study model, we would like to cooperate with North American Universities. Our students strive to study abroad, and one of their favorite continents has always been North America. We look to cooperate with universities seeking an internship exchange for their students and are willing to offer ours tuition waivers or reductions. A waiver of the tuition fees for our students going to your university in exchange for our free of cost Internship Program for your students on a one-on-one rate is what we are striving for. For each of our students at your university, you send one of your students to us for an internship in our student’s training company. Your student receive full support from us, free of costs.

Work Exchange Study Program (WESP)

German students: Business students (e.g. Management, International Business, Finance),
Technical Management or Business Information Systems

US/CAN students: Business, Engineering