Institute for Transcultural Health Science


Institute for Transcultural Health Science
Institut für Transkulturelle Gesundheitsforschung

The Institute for Transcultural Health Science is committed to the research and study of health science topics in the context of the increasing internationalization of health science and health care.

The Institute for Transcultural Health Science focuses, among other things, on cross-culturally oriented health research with different culturally shaped concepts such as health, illness, healing and the human being on which these concepts are based.


8. Juli 2021

15. April 2021
EU-Projekt: CENTAUR - Supporting, mobilizing and empowering creative and cultural industry entrepreneurs and educators towards social change



18th May 2021
The socialpsychology of Islamist terror – interdisciplinary perspectives on violence and ISIS totalitarian structures

5th October 2020
Positive psychotherapy in the treatment of traumatised Yezidi survivors of sexualised violence and genocide
Paper (International Review of Psychiatry)

19th June 2020
The Significance of Justice in the Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Traumatized People After War and Crises
Paper (Frontiers in Psychiatry)

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Informationsangebot zu COVID-19

Auf dieser Plattform informieren wir über kulturspezifische Aspekte bei der psychosozialen Versorgung von Migrant*innen und geflüchteten Menschen in der Corona-Krise:

Unterstützt wird die Plattform, einschließlich einer kurdischen Version für die Menschen im Nordirak, durch das Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg.

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Training and Further Education

  • transcultural psychotherapy
  • traditional and modern medical and psychological treatments
  • migration and health
  • migration and integration
  • psychotraumatology in post-extreme situations
  • psychosocial situation of people in conflict areas
  • prevention of violence
  • research on extremism
  • transgenerational trauma


Press Reviews

The "press review" contains a selection of up-to-date media reports and articles about our work.

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