School of Social Work

Research focus in social work

Application-oriented research is an important basis for the professional education and training offered by the School of Social Work and, consequently, one of the primary functions of the university. In its activities, it is closely linked to the research-oriented accredited modules of the School, particularly as independent work for the bachelor thesis. Experience and knowledge gained from research projects benefit students during teaching. For this reason, DHBW VS professors regularly undertake research projects.

Added value for corporate partners

The interdisciplinary approach of the DHBW VS ensures that research is future-oriented, efficient and cost-effective. Interested partner companies and institutions can avail of excellent opportunities for the realisation of innovative projects. Numerous opportunities are available in the context of dual studies at the DHBW VS for cooperative research and development activities, including process control, network creation and evaluation.

Service spectrum

The School of Social Work at the DHBW VS concentrates on applied social scientific research with a focus on explorative studies, academic support, concept development, performance evaluation and quality development for social, health and health care services and interdisciplinary issues in business and the social environment.