School of Social Work

Social Services Management (B.A.)

Social Services Management

An interest in and enjoyment of social work and business administrative and management tasks are prerequisites for successful social services management studies. Prospective public sector managers should have an appreciation of the social aspect of their future function, as this area of work promises a meaningful career. Social commitment, motivation and personal initiative are expected.


Mehr über den Studiengang "Sozialwirtschaft" im Gespräch mit dem ehemaligen Studiengangsleiter Prof. Dr. Steffen Arnold:

Core content

  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I Accounting, Cost and Service Accounting, Human Resource Management, Organization, Quality Management, i.a.
  • BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION II Marketing, Fundraising and social sponsoring, Employee Management, Leadership, Financial Accounting,
    Methods of Social Work, Ethics, Sociological and Psychological Basics, Presentation, Moderation and Communication
  • LAW
    Social Law, Civil Law, Labour and collective bargaining Law, Commercial and corporate Law, Tax Law


12Weeks of Theory

14Weeks of Practice

3Years of Studies

210ECTS Points

Bachelor of Arts

Contents of the study programme in brief

The character of the Social Services Management studies programme is shaped by both the Business School and the School of Social Work. Personality development and independent working is encouraged through the communication of key qualifications. Professional, methodological and social competences enable the pursuit of a variety of careers with social service providers.
Theoretical study and on-the-job training phases offer students an appealing variety between academic challenges and practical duties.  
The combination of business administration know-how and socially professional and methodological competence is at the core of the study programme. The subjects of business administration / economics and social work / social education are the main focus of tuition.  

The following specialisations can be chosen:

  • Care for the Elderly
  • Care for People with Disabilities
  • Care for Children and Adolescents
  • Clinic Management
  • Public Social Administration

Training partners in the fields of employment promotion, psychiatry and assistance to addicts are also welcome.

This three-year study programme culminates in 210 ECTS points and the academic degree Bachelor of Arts.

Career following studies

The study programme equips graduates to work with social service providers, particularly at the interfaces between social work / social education and business administration. The goal is to provide the skills necessary for management functions.

Our graduates are successfully involved in the following areas:

  • facilities for people with disabilities
  • nursing homes for the elderly
  • social administration
  • projects involving the unemployed/ employment initiatives
  • psychiatric establishments and services
  • youth welfare facilities
  • welfare centres
  • hospitals
  • spas and rehabilitation institutions
  • social housing developers

Tasks involved encompass educational, business and administrative areas and personnel management, organisation and controlling.

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