How lending works?

The university library is a public library.

It is both a reference and lending library. 30 books can be borrowed simultaneously for four weeks. The lending date can be extended by a further four weeks if no reservation exists.

Online catalogue and online user account

User ID

  • You will need the DHBW VS ID card to borrow books.
  • External users can obtain a library ID by paying a deposit of €10.00. A valid identification card is required for registration.
  • Lecturers at the DHBW VS can use the university library, and further information in this respect is contained in the library guidelines for lecturers.

Users are asked to please inform the library staff of any change of address.

Returning books

Books can be returned in the library, Building C, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 30 during opening hours.  DHBW-VS books and media can be returned using the check-in station in Schramberger Strasse 26. This station will not accept any media from the interlibrary lending service! The unit is on the ground floor of the building and can be used during normal opening hours.
Opening hours

Online User Account

Registered users can view their account via WebPAC and make extensions or reservations. Access data: Account number: Student ID barcode number

  • Password:
    • Your date of birth as a 10-digit password (e.g. 01.01.1980).
    • Please change the password when logging into your account for the first time!

Rules of usage / Database usage

Die Zugangsdaten, insbesondere die persönlichen Passwörter, zu den Datenbanken dürfen nicht an Dritte gelangen oder weitergegeben werden. Der Nutzer hat durch geeignete Maßnahmen für einen ausreichenden Schutz seiner Zugangsdaten zu sorgen. Die Nutzung des Datenbankangebots ist nur im Rahmen von Forschung und Lehre zulässig. Das geltende Urheberrecht, und die jeweiligen Nutzungsbedingungen der einzelnen Angebote sind zu beachten. Die Nutzung der  Datenbanken durch Dritte (Personen ohne persönliche Zugangsdaten) ist verboten. Beim Herunterladen ist der Umfang der Daten auf die einzelnen Suchergebnisse beschränkt. Es ist verboten den kompletten Datenbestand einer Datenbank herunterzuladen.
Library rules

E-mail service

The library provides a reminder service free of charge. You will receive a reminder in each case two days before the lending period expires and a request to return the media or extend the lending period. Notification that interlibrary books or reserved media have been received is also realised by e-mail. Please note the following: E-mail reminders are an additional service provided by the library and, consequently, not legally binding. Please examine your lending deadlines in the library account or on the lending receipt! The library cannot offer any guarantee for the delivery of the e-mails.


Fees for external users

External users can obtain a library ID by paying a deposit of €10.00. A valid identification card is required for registration.

Fees for exceeded lending deadlines

Statutory regulations prescribe the imposition of fines where the lending period is exceeded.

1st warning €1,50 per medium
2nd warning €5.00 per medium + unpaid fines
3rd warning €10.00 per medium + unpaid fines
4th warning €10.00 per medium + unpaid fines + initiation of legal steps

The user bears all costs for replacement or repair if media is damaged or lost. A processing fee of €2.50 is due in the event of the data medium for interlibrary lending being lost.

Payment method

You can pay library fees directly in the library or through a bank transfer. Please note the following: The lending period for media loaned out is not automatically extended if fines are paid!

DHBW VS bank details:

Recipient: Landesoberkasse Baden-Wuerttemberg
IBAN: DE02 6005 0101 7495 5301 02
Bank: Baden-Wuerttembergische Bank
Account no.: 7495530102
Bank code: 600 501 01
  • Customer reference number: 8810451207442
  • Your full name (surname and first name)

Scale of fees

Missing Media

In the event of a medium not being available in the library, or not in adequate numbers, you can apply for its acquisition with the following purchase application form.

Interlibrary lending

Books and articles which are not available in the DHBW library can be ordered through the interlibrary lending service. Interlibrary lending