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In addition to opening a door to other cultures, foreign language tuition at the DHBW VS allows you to learn the specialist vocabulary and communication skills relevant to your professional life, right from the outset. As a supplement to the compulsory language modules, we also offer voluntary courses. Please find all information regarding the courses on Moodle: Sprachenabteilung - Information und Anmeldung.

Languages courses are offered for different levels of linguistic proficiency each semester. Voluntary courses leading to a certificate consist of 18-24 periods per term (semester) over a total of four terms. Tuition takes place in small groups, and the intensive support means that you can improve your language skills in a very short time. The certificate, which shows your CEFR language level, can only be awarded for regular attendance (minimum 80%) over four terms and if examinations are taken.  If you're interested in attending a voluntary language course, it's worth consulting the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to determine your language level. You can use the self-assessment grid for this purpose, and then compare the result with one of the tests available on the internet, e.g.:

The voluntary English certificate courses are held within the study programmes. For more details, please contact the language coordinator or the study programme adminstrator (Studiengangssekretariat).


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Experience abroad is an advantage

The university promotes academic study and workplace training terms (semesters) abroad. Close cooperation between the Language Department and International Office enables the establishment of contacts with foreign universities, companies and institutions.

Spanish eLearning

In Spanish, students have the option to participate in eLearning courses offered in cooperation with AVE (Aula Virtual de Español). Courses are taught individually and count towards the four semester span for a certificate. Students receive a confirmation of attendance upon completion of the course.

FAQ English Courses

Here you can find out what types of English courses are offered at the DHBW VS and other Frequently Asked Questions.


FAQs Certificates and Confirmations of Attendance

Here you can find further information on certificates and confirmations of attendance.


Language Proficiency

Here you can find information on the six levels of the CEFR.


French and Spanish

More information on our language course offers on Moodle.



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