Social Work - Education and Training (B.A.)

Social Work –
Education and Training

The field of work addressed in the dual Education and Training study programme demands engagement in the circumstances of adolescents and adults who require support in school, getting started in vocational training or integration in professional life. Specific competence in counselling and practical action which takes the different life situations of those concerned into consideration is of major importance. This work requires an open approach to educational, labour market and sociopolitical processes and a knowledge of the pertinent legal background.


Mehr über den Studiengang "Soziale Arbeit – Bildung und Beruf":

Kerninhalte des Studiums

  • Schulsozialarbeit, Jugendberufshilfe, Unterstützung bei der Einmündung in Ausbildung und Beruf
  • Bildungs- und Erziehungstheorie sowie soziale Aspekte der Berufspädagogik
  • Methodische
    Fähigkeiten und Selbstkompetenz, Professionelles Arbeiten in interdisziplinären Teams
  • Bezugswissenschaften wie Psychologie, Pädagogik, Soziologie, Sozial- und Bildungspolitik, Recht


12Weeks Theory

14Weeks Practice

3Years of studies

210ECTS points

Bachelor of Arts

Contents of the study programme in brief

In addition to fundamental social work content in foundation studies, specific skills in dealing with socially and educationally disadvantaged people are imparted in elective courses and methodological exercises. Specialised studies focus on specific duties and theories in cooperation with practices and institutions. In addition to the working forms employed to support those affected and educational concepts, this also includes administrative competences in the coordination of existing youth social and educational services, employment promotion and professional rehabilitation.

For their later tasks as a social worker, students acquire a well-grounded knowledge of central theories, handling techniques and educational concepts of social work and both rehabilitation and adult education. Familiarity with the basic instruments of social research and knowledge of legal material relevant to this field of work and the organisational structures of independent and public providers are learnt.

This three-year study programme culminates in 210 ECTS points and the academic degree Bachelor of Arts.

Career following studies

Graduates of the study programme can embrace a broadly varied field of activities in the area of transition from school and into vocational training and professional life. Institutions of relevance among public, independent and private enterprise providers include

  • schools
  • institutions for vocational preparation
  • work placement and business training
  • institutions for professional rehabilitation and education providers in the area of youth and adult education


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