Studierende & Kind

Studying with a child

The study concept means that the selection process for students is in the hands of the corporate partners. Full-time attendance is required for the completion of both academic studies and professional workplace training, but working hours in the on-the-job training phase can be reduced to a minimum of 75% in agreement with the company or social institution and the study programme department. The missing time must be made up for following the last academic study phase which usually marks the end of the three-year study period (extension by one academic study phase).

Academic studies are also full-time in nature, but the university strives to provide support for students with children. Agreement is reached in each case with the individual involved, and this governs the exact nature of the support provided.

Support from SWFR student union for students

The SWFR (Studierendenwerk Freiburg) student union offers a broad range of support for students with children.
For example, the SWFR provides support through the website with a comprehensive collection of links covering all questions relating to studying with a child.

Moreover, the SWFR offers children up to the age of ten who wish to eat with their studying parent a free children’s meal at the self-service counter in the refectory (Mensa).

Studying with a child