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Welcome to BLIC

(Blended Learning International Cooperation)


BLIC Entry Level Go Global I

BLIC Development Stages

Why do we need innovative learning approaches?

Major trends associated with globalization such as technological innovations, demographic change, global warming, urbanization and the emergence of a knowledge society are accelerating the pace of change. New technologies are creating new markets and jobs at a breathtaking pace and, at the same time, ruthlessly destroying existing businesses (Menn, Voss, Kuhn, Dürand, & Rees, 2014). The work environment is continually under development. Capabilities enabling professionals to benefit from a technology rich work environment and cultural competence are not just nice to have but a precondition for participating in the global market place.


Why does BLIC represent an important partnership between industry and universities?

As important partners for the industry, universities qualify the managers of tomorrow. BLIC addresses the increasing need to integrate innovative learning approaches into the curriculum. In the School of Business at the DHBW, this involves creating realistic international business settings in the classroom combined with online learning using digital technologies, offering a variety of opportunities for students to develop their intercultural competence as well as skills in communicating internationally in English.


BLIC is part of the “Baden-Württemberg-STIPENDIUM for University Students – BWS plus”, a program of the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung.


Prof. DBA Jürgen Bleicher
Phone +49 7720 3906-502
Building D, room 308


Claudia Rzepka
Phone +49 7720 3906-106
Building F, room 102